Everyday UX shots

I believe there is no work-life division for a designer. Your job is who you are, in a large degree. It is a result of your personality and mentality, among other things. You don’t stop finding ways to improve things, processes, situations and behaviors just because you are not “at work”. Which is fine, funny or weird at times.

Sometimes you need to fix something that doesn’t look as nice as it could, or doesn’t work as smoothly as it should. Sometimes, a single solution fixes one problem, but slightly edited, it fixes two problems! Sometimes a solution is a temporary fix to just the surface of problem, but another one is an absolute fix to the very root of the problem — which eliminates the superficial problem, too!

The “problems” I mention may be complex design problems you need to face at work, but they can also be everyday life problems of the “what could I possibly cook with what’s left in the fridge” kind. Sometimes, the greatest inspiration can come from your efforts to help people you love. “What could I possibly cook with what’s left in the fridge and then convince Jack it’s worth having for dinner”. See?

So, below are a couple of everyday stories that made me realize, in afterthought, how deeply rooted this “UX crafting” personality trait is in some design-minded people like me. I think I am going to update this list when I spot something that I find interesting.

Everyday UX Shot 1

Short dialog with my partner.

  • [Partner] Can I borrow a usb flash for a couple of images I have prepared for the typographer?
  • [Me] No idea where my flash is, why don’t you send an email instead.
  • [P] Good idea, I am sending one right now.
  • [M] Wait, are you going straight to the typographer afterwards?
  • [P] Not sure, why?
  • [M] You should only send the email RIGHT before leaving, to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the typographer’s inbox.
  • [P] Haha, are you serious? You don’t need to arrange for such a detail in advance. I’ll help him search his inbox if I have to 🙂
  • [M] …

~ everyday UX shots

Everyday UX Shot 2

DIY party at the yard. Prepare some snacks, prepare some drinks and lots of ice, clean up some mess, feed the dogs, light some candles, make a playlist… Ready!

Oh, no, wait. People use their mobiles a lot during parties. What if my friends start asking me for the wifi password while I am doing stuff/talking to someone etc? Why even put them in the inconvenient state of having to interrupt someone only to ask for a password? What do I do, what do I do?

Why not stick a piece of transparent tape with the password written on a white Posca marker right on the the candle glass, so as to use something that is going to be on every table and corner, as the password sign. Suits the all-white decoration, too! That’s what I do. Friends amazed and all 😀

~ everyday UX shots

I would love to hear from people who are also into affecting other people’s experiences in a positive way. Do you happen to have similar ‘everyday UX crafting’ micro-experiences, too?

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